Expectations: Creating a Birth Plan

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Tuesday September 11 2012
Location: Alaska Regional Medical Plaza, 1200 Airport Heights, Third Floor

Registration with the ARH Cradle Club is required before attending. Fee: $40 or free to Cradle Club members. Join us for an evening discussion about issues that concern expectant parents. Each class helps to form their own topic list. Common subjects include: circumcision; using epidurals during labor; fears of breastfeeding; fast emergency births; dealing with the expectations of childbirth; choosing a doctor for the baby; avoiding Cesarean births or episiotomies, etc. This is not a childbirth class format; it is an exchange of information between parents about current issues that are of interest to them at this important time in their lives. Class is facilitated by a childbirth instructor, nurse and lactation consultant. Parents will need to schedule a tour of the maternity center on a separate date. Call 264-1773 for more information. Click here for the Cradle Club page.