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Free Physician Referral Service

If you need a doctor, call our free Physician Referral Service at 264-1722 (local) or 1-888-254-7884 (toll-free). We will help you find a doctor who can meet your special needs.

You can reach the referral service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Request a doctor by specialty, location or health insurance acceptance.

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Showing 6 to 10 of 351 Male X

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Specialty (61)

Allergy and Immunology (2)

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (3)

Anesthesiology (18)

Cardiac Electrophysiology (3)

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City (7)

Zip Code (24)

Keyword (42)

Cardiovascular Disease (1)

Radiologist (1)

hospitalist (1)

orthopedics (1)

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Practice Name (190)

AA Pain Clinic (2)


Advanced Pain Center of AK (2)

Alaska Bone & Joint Institute (1)

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Alaska Center for Dermatology (2)

Alaska Center for Otolaryngology (1)

Alaska Center for Pediatrics (2)

Alaska Colorectal Surgery (1)

Alaska Digestive and Liver Disease (2)

Alaska Emergency Medical Associates (1)

Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists (1)

Alaska Heart Institute (19)

Alaska Hospitalist Group (20)

Alaska Imaging Associates (2)

Alaska Imaging Associates, LLC (6)

Alaska Kidney & Diabetes Assoc. (3)

Alaska Kidney Consultants (1)

Alaska Neonatology Associates (4)

Alaska Neurology Center (1)

Alaska Neuroscience Associates (2)

Alaska Oncology (1)

Alaska Oral Surgery Center (1)

Alaska Oral Surgery Group, PC (1)

Alaska Orthopedic Specialists (1)

Alaska Orthopedic Surgeons (1)

Alaska Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine (1)

Alaska Radiology Associates (1)

Alaska Retinal Consultants (3)

Alaska Spine Institute (4)

Alaska Urological Institute (5)

Alaska Urological Institute (1)

Alaska Women's Cancer Care (1)

Alaska Women's Health Services (2)

Alex Baskous MD (1)

Allergy, Asthma & Immunol Ctr of Alaska (2)

Alliance Foot & Ankle (2)

Alpine Urology (6)

Alyeska Family Medicine (1)

Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedics (12)

Anchorage Medical & Surgical Assoc. (2)

Anchorage Neurosurgical Associates (5)

Anchorage Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (1)

Anchorage Pediatric Dentistry (1)

Anchorage Pediatric Group, LLC (1)

Anchorage Women's Clinic (3)

Bret Mason, DO (1)

Chinook Surgical Group (1)

Cornerstone Clinic (1)

Denali Anesthesia, PC (15)

Denali Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery (1)

Denali Emergency Medicine Associates (8)

Denali Ob/Gyn (2)

Denali Orthopedic Surgery (2)

Diabetes & Lipid Clinic of Alaska (1)

Dion Roberts, MD (1)

Dr. Andrew Pulliam, MD (1)

Dr. Ashok Rai, MD (1)

Dr. Bret A Rosane, MD (1)

Dr. Brian Felix Sweeney Jr, MD (1)

Dr. Charles Ryan, MD (1)

Dr. Christopher Alki Michaeles, MD (1)

Dr. Creed K Mamikunian, MD (1)

Dr. Daniel Jay Steward, MD (1)

Dr. David C Wrigley, MD (1)

Dr. David D Beal, MD (1)

Dr. David Killebrew, MD (1)

Dr. David M Edwards, DDS (1)

Dr. David Taylor Notter, MD (1)

Dr. Donald R Rogers, MD (1)

Dr. Donald W Dippe, MD (1)

Dr. Doug Arnold Vermillion, MD (1)

Dr. Douglas Allan Leach, MD (1)

Dr. Douglas C Smith, MD (1)

Dr. Dwight M Ellerbe, MD (1)

Dr. Elisha Thomas Powell, MD (1)

Dr. Eric Rodney Tompkins, MD (1)

Dr. Evan Wolf, MD (1)

Dr. Gary H Wilson, DPM (1)

Dr. George D. Rhyneer, MD (1)

Dr. George F Gates, MD (1)

Dr. George Joseph Gilson, MD (1)

Dr. George S. Rhyneer, MD (1)

Dr. Gerald Joseph Bonnington, DDS (1)

Dr. Grant M Searles, MD (1)

Dr. Gregory Misbach, MD (1)

Dr. Hans Christian Burkholder, MD (1)

Dr. J. Nyboer (1)

Dr. Jack Donovan Sedwick II, MD (1)

Dr. James D Briggs, MD (1)

Dr. James E Kallman, MD (1)

Dr. James E O`Malley, MD (1)

Dr. James M Sprott, MD (1)

Dr. James Paul Sayer, MD (1)

Dr. James V Zirul, DO (1)

Dr. Jeremy J Gitomer, MD (1)

Dr. Jerome O List, MD (1)

Dr. John B Dekeyser, MD (1)

Dr. John C Cates, DO (1)

Dr. John C Mues, MD (1)

Dr. John D Erkmann, MD (1)

Dr. John M Clark, MD (1)

Dr. John P Muffoletto, MD (1)

Dr. John Thomas Grissom, MD (1)

Dr. Jon A Shiesl, MD (1)

Dr. Keith M Brownsberger, MD (1)

Dr. Kenneth R Pervier, MD (1)

Dr. Kenton Edgar Stephens, MD (1)

Dr. Lawrence Andrew Kropp, MD (1)

Dr. Leo B Bustad, MD (1)

Dr. Leslie Arthur Bryant, MD (1)

Dr. Loren James Jensen, MD (1)

Dr. Mark E Richey, MD (1)

Dr. Mark Hamish Kimmins, MD (1)

Dr. Mark William Moronell, MD (1)

Dr. Matthew J Schnellbaecher, MD (1)

Dr. Michael B Armstrong, MD (1)

Dr. Michael D Manuel, MD (1)

Dr. Michael G McNamara, MD (1)

Dr. Michael J Geitz, MD (1)

Dr. Michael W Orzechowski, MD (1)

Dr. Michel L Gevaert, MD (1)

Dr. Norman J Wilder, MD (1)

Dr. Oliver M Korshin, MD (1)

Dr. Owen R Bell, MD (1)

Dr. Patrick M Nolan, DO (1)

Dr. Paul A Peterson, MD (1)

Dr. Paul J Engibous, DDS (1)

Dr. Paul Leonard Steer, MD (1)

Dr. Pedro J Valdes, MD (1)

Dr. Peter D Marbarger, MD (1)

Dr. Randy L Van Antwerp, MD (1)

Dr. Richard A Peters, MD (1)

Dr. Richard Farleigh, MD (1)

Dr. Richard T Chung, MD (1)

Dr. Richard Todd Kilby, MD (1)

Dr. Robert Arne Lada, MD (1)

Dr. Robert E Gieringer, MD (1)

Dr. Robert Henry Rossero, MD (1)

Dr. Robert W Bundtzen, MD (1)

Dr. Roland E Gower, MD (1)

Dr. Ronald A Feigin, MD (1)

Dr. Stephan Patrick Hyams, DO (1)

Dr. Stephen Kulin, MD (1)

Dr. Steven A Jayich, MD (1)

Dr. Steven B Tucker, MD (1)

Dr. Steven L Floerchinger, MD (2)

Dr. Steven P Menaker, MD (1)

Dr. Steven Paul Johnson, MD (1)

Dr. Theodore D Barton, MD (1)

Dr. Thomas J Wells, DDS (1)

Dr. William C Heagy, DDS (1)

Dr. William D Lucht, MD (1)

Eagle River Opthalmic Surgeons (1)

Family Practice Assoc. (1)

Frontier Cardiovascular Surgery (1)

Full Spectrum Pediatrics (1)

Geneva Woods ENT Assoc (3)

Gregory Hunter Hough, LLC (1)

Independence Park Medical (3)

Internal Medicine Associates (8)

Jeffrey Moore, MD (1)

John D. Frost, MD (1)

Just Kids, Inc (1)

Katmai Oncology Group (2)

Kenai Peninsula Urology (1)

Laser Vision, USA, Inc. (1)

Latouche Pediatrics (5)

Medical Park Family Care (7)

Michael W. Eaton, M.D. (1)

Neurological Consultants of Alaska (1)

Ophthalmic Associates (3)

Oral Surgery Associates (1)

Orthopedic Physicians Anchorage (10)

Pediatric Neurology Clinic of Alaska (1)

Peter Schaab, MD (1)

Pioneer GI Clinic (1)

Plastic Surgeons of Alaska (2)

Primary Care Associates (1)

Providence Alaska Medical Center (1)

Providence Anch. Anesthesia Med. Group (2)

Providence Behavioral Medicine Group (1)

Providence Sleep Disorder Center (1)

Pulmonary Associates, LLC (1)

Rehab Medicine Associates (1)

Seattle Children's Pediatric Cardiology of Alaska (1)

The Alaska Hospitalist Group (6)

The Alaska Hospitalist Group (2)

The Children's Clinic (3)

Valley Urology (1)

W. Laurence Wickler, DO (1)

HCA Employed (2)

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