Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular Services

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Exceeding Patient Needs Daily

The heart and vascular program at Alaska Regional Hospital offers a full spectrum of specialty services for adult patients with conditions that affect their heart and blood vessels. 

Our experienced staff is trained to meet the unique needs of heart and vascular patients – and their families. We understand that coping with these types of conditions can be overwhelming. So, we provide high-quality care in a friendly, caring environment.

Conditions and Symptoms

We are dedicated to proactively preventing and expertly treating heart and vascular diseases. Our comprehensive program offers proven and innovative therapies for these conditions and more:

High Quality Equals Excellence

Heart and vascular care at our hospital is seamlessly coordinated by experts in the diagnostic, outpatient, inpatient and cardiac rehabilitation departments. And, our team-based approach to patient care is complemented by state-of-the-art technologies. 

These are just a few of the reasons the state’s top cardiologists and surgeons choose to practice at Alaska Regional Hospital.

As further illustration of our dedication to the delivery of high quality care, Alaska Regional was awarded the "Excellence in Health Care Quality" for dedication to preventing infections--something to keep in mind when you're planning for surgery of any kind.

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