We recognize that our employees have many different needs when it comes to benefits. Therefore, we specifically designed our programs to provide total compensation that includes a variety of benefit options.

Our employees can select benefits that provide the best value, protection and long-term investment for them and their families. Our core program includes:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Long-Term Disability Coverage
  • Life Insurance (for employee and dependents)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (both healthcare and child/elder care expenses)
  • Paid time off, plus an extended illness bank
  • Tuition Reimbursement

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Healthy Work And Life Balance

We proactively support an optimal work/life balance and healthy lifestyles. Through our “Life: Live it Well” health and wellness program, employees and their families can do more to stay healthy. The comprehensive program provides a personal health assessment as well as health education and wellness guidance on an ongoing, monthly basis. Active participation in this program will help our employees and adult family members to improve their health. This in turn will minimize future increases to the cost of their healthcare benefits.

At Alaska Regional Hospital, we believe that the high-quality healthcare we provide our patients is highly dependent on how well our employees can perform their jobs.We know that a healthy work environment benefits all employees and increases performance. It can enhance employee satisfaction and, ultimately, patient care. That is why we are committed to making Alaska Regional Hospital a great place to work for all employees. Through our Healthy Work Environment initiative, we provide the following:

  • Workplace culture dedicated to compassionate and quality patient care.
  • Leadership that focuses on achieving that common culture.
  • Voice for all employees who care to speak on matters of importance to them or anything that may potentially affect patient safety or care.
  • Compensation and rewards in a wide array of health and group benefits for your hard work.
  • Staffing in a way that enables patients to receive quality and compassionate care while ensuring employee safety and well-being.

We continue to introduce improvements in support of our Healthy Work Environment commitment. Employee Culture At Alaska Regional Hospital, we believe in a culture of caring when tending to patient needs and when interacting with family members, physicians and co-workers. We also ask each of our employees to commit to an employee pledge, which includes identifying with the role of a team member and as an individual working efficiently, positively and respectfully to achieve goals of the team, the department and the hospital.Our Employee PledgeAs an employee of Alaska Regional Hospital, we have an expectation that each employee will commit to the following Customer Service Standards of Behavior as part of our employee pledge:

  • Go the extra mile by providing as much information as possible to those who need it, by escorting customers instead of simply providing direction, and by taking the time to reassure lonely or nervous patients, families or visitors.
  • Acknowledge customers with eye contact and a greeting whenever possible
  • Be courteous and professional at all times
  • Always introduce yourself and explain what you are doing to patients and visitors
  • Respect the dignity of our patients
  • Communicate, whenever possible, waiting times for patients and visitors
  • Convey a positive attitude, in a calm, confident and capable manner
  • Respect others’ confidentiality and privacy by ensuring that personal conversations take place away from the presence of customers
  • Find the answers to customers’ questions, even if it takes time to find a response
  • Maintain a respectful environment by voicing complaints about other employees or departments at the appropriate place and time; away from the presence of patients, visitors, or physicians
  • Identify yourself and your department when accepting internal phone calls. Likewise, identify the hospital, your department and yourself when accepting external phone calls.
  • By demonstrating these types of behaviors, we offer a work environment that provides supporting colleagues and management. We understand the significance of educational opportunities to enhance our employees continued growth. We have a welcoming family atmosphere where employees feel like they are home.