For more information, please contact the Alaska Regional Hospital Cancer Registrar at (907) 264-1627.

A Cancer Registry is a data system designed for the collection, management and analysis of information on people with the diagnosis of cancer and certain non-cancer tumors. The cancer registry is an essential component to our cancer program.

Specially trained tumor registrars are responsible for the recording and statistical analysis of the diagnosis and treatment data on all registered patients. The registrars are responsible for conducting lifetime patient follow-up.

Much of the information you hear about cancer treatments and results has its beginning in hospital-based cancer registries. As a fully accredited cancer program with the American College of Surgeons – Commission on Cancer, Alaska Regional Hospital is required to conduct lifetime follow-up on all our cancer patients.

Patient follow-up

Follow-up is the process used to obtain updated information about our patient's health status after discharge. It is important that you continue to have regular check-ups with your physician. A tumor registrar will contact your attending physician on a regular basis. If you have not seen your physician within the preceding year, then it might be necessary to contact you by mail or telephone. It is only through this lifetime follow-up that we are able to determine your progress and contribute to further cancer research.

What is done with the collected data

It is required that data collected by the cancer registry be forwarded to agencies concerned with cancer research. The American Cancer Society and the American College of Surgeons receive annual reports. Data also are released to the Alaska Department of Health / Alaska Cancer Registry and to physicians for special studies.

Alaska Regional Hospital complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. No names are ever released to the public and your records are confidential