Do's and Don'ts for Surgery


  • Do verify your hospital check-in time with your doctor’s office.
  • Do arrive at the hospital on time for your surgery. Check in with the admitting clerk at the front desk which is located on the 2nd floor entrance near the gift shop.
  • Do shower the night before your surgery and the morning of your surgery, using the special soap provided to you. Do not use it on your face or head. Do not apply deodorant, lotion or make-up the morning of your surgery.
  • Do wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Do leave all valuables at home, such as credit cards, jewelry and money. Please bring your glasses, dentures, hearing aids or prosthesis.
  • Do arrange for someone to bring you to the hospital and take you home. You will be discharged after recovery if you are having an outpatient procedure. You will not be allowed to leave the hospital by yourself in a bus, cab or to drive yourself home.

Do Not

  • Do not eat or drink anything eight (8) hours prior to your surgery scheduled time. This includes water, ice, chewing tobacco, gum, and hard candy. You must keep your stomach empty before surgery. This helps prevent certain breathing complications.
  • Do not shave near where you will have surgery for two (2) days prior to your surgery. Shaving with a razor can irritate your skin and make it easier to develop an infection.
  • Do not wear contact lenses, make-up or lotions.

Your Medications

  • Do bring a list of your current medications and dosages on the day of your surgery or procedure if you were not able to supply the nurse with a list at your Pre-Admission Testing visit.
  • Do take your usual medications with a sip of water the morning of your surgery unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

If you have any questions please call (907)264-1167 Monday - Friday, 9:30AM to 6:00PM.