If you think you may be experiencing a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or 911.


Alaska Regional Hospital is known for fast, high-quality skills you can count on for emergency care. The emergency room at Alaska Regional is open 24/7 and has a compassionate staff of board-certified emergency medicine physicians, nurses and technicians. Our goal is to quickly assess symptoms, diagnose illnesses and administer our recommended treatments.

For more information about emergency care, please contact Alaska Regional Hospital at (907) 276-1131.

Our emergency room doctors and hospital team are:

  • Certified in advanced cardiac life support
  • Certified in pediatric advanced life support
  • Joint Commission certified stroke center, the first in Alaska
  • Certified in stroke screening by The National Institute of Health

Pediatric emergency care

Our friendly ER specialists take great care of kids of all ages. With additional training in pediatrics, this team has the right equipment on hand to meet the unique needs of diagnosing and treating children up to the age of 18. They understand that a medical emergency can feel scary for a child or teenager – and their parents too! So our team will make all of you feel as comfortable as possible, and they won’t keep you waiting.

ER amenities

  • State-of-the-art equipment for cardiac and trauma patients
  • A trauma nurse coordinator who provides trauma prevention, education and community for patients during their hospital stay
  • A convenient location, Alaska Regional is the only non-military hospital in the U.S. where fixed wing aircrafts can taxi directly to the door

What to expect in the Alaska Regional ER

You never know when you may need emergency care, but when you do, Alaska Regional is here to provide expert care for conditions ranging from minor treatment to a major trauma.

Who will evaluate my condition?

Upon arrival you will be seen by a triage nurse and you will then be evaluated by an ER physician. If your condition requires it, an on-call specialist may be contacted.

How long will I have to wait?

The average wait time in our ER is 30 minutes. The emergency room is designed to evaluate and treat those with serious conditions and those most in need of immediate intervention.

Why are other patients going ahead of me?

The ER does not provide treatment on a first-come, first-served basis. Patients are seen according to the seriousness of their complaint and/or their rapidly changing condition.

May I have visitors while being treated in the emergency department?

Each patient is allowed one to two visitors at a time, depending on the condition of the patient. The primary nurse may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

I came to get treatment, why didn’t I get a prescription?

Not every illness requires a prescription. If your treatment requires it, you will be given a prescription. It is important that you take medications as directed, and for antibiotics, until they are gone.

What happens after my visit?

Before you are discharged, you will receive information about your diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up care. You will be given instructions about medications, activity and symptoms to watch for that would require a return visit.


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