Hydrotherapy in Labor

Concentration and touch are two natural methods used to distract laboring mothers from contraction-related discomfort. Our hydrotherapy tub, located in a private room, combines the therapeutic feeling of water and moving bubbles to provide both a source of touch and visual distraction as you advance through labor.

A Spa-like Atmosphere

The soft lighting provides a spa-like atmosphere and a speaker dock is compatible with an iPod or iPhone for listening to music. Calming chromotherapy LED lights also change the color of the water with the push of a button, and you control the bubble strength against your skin.

Sitting in a upright, chair position helps the force of gravity move the baby down. At the same time, your labor partner can assist by providing back, shoulder and neck massage, or by using the extended hand wand spray to focus on areas of tension. The tub can be filled quickly, drained in about 60 seconds, and has a door that opens from the side allowing a laboring mother to step in and out easily.

Your privacy while using the hydrotherapy tub is a top priority. The room features an "in use" door sign and a secondary curtain. We also provide privacy gowns, if requested.