Our Joint Center, located within the Orthopedic and Spine Center, provides each joint replacement patient with extensive education and the right tools for a great recovery.

A Philosophy of Wellness

At the Joint Center patients are treated like hotel guests who are temporarily sidelined with an orthopedic issue. Guests are active participants in a unique treatment model that focuses on wellness, helping the patient regain function and quickly get back to their lives.

Our goal is to provide guests as much information and encouragement as possible and to keep them educated, motivated and involved.

The patient’s physician will assess and plan for each patient’s individual care needs and medical clearance. The nursing staff and discharge planners work with the patient to answer questions and direct them to useful resources within the hospital and community, and coordinate the patient’s discharge plan.

  • Preoperative classes are designed to educate patients about the entire surgical experience, from preoperative teaching to postoperative exercising. These classes introduce patients to the program and its many components while emphasizing the patient’s own role in the recovery process.
  • A comprehensive step-by-step instruction guide about preoperative preparations from six weeks prior through three months postoperative care is provided to surgical patients. The guide provides answers to frequently asked questions and highlights the surgical admission process, inpatient therapy, post-surgical care and lifestyle considerations.
  • Throughout the patient’s stay, he or she will interact frequently with staff and fellow patients during group activities. In addition to encouraging each other and learning from each other, patients enjoy and benefit from the camaraderie and social aspects of the group experience.