Call the Alaska Regional Hospital Wound Care Center if you need specialized treatment for acute & chronic wounds. Some chronic wounds are associated with inadequate circulation, poorly functioning veins, many disease processes, and immobility. Non-healing lower extremity wounds lead to lower quality of life and may lead to amputations. When wounds persist, a specialized approach is required for healing. Typically, a wound that does not respond to normal medical care within 30 days is considered a problem or chronic wound.

That's where our Wound Care Center can help. With specialized treatments available including debridement, advanced wound care products, and patient education, people with non-healing and chronic wounds now have a place to turn. We use an interdisciplinary model of care, including infectious-disease management, laboratory evaluation, nutritional management, pain management, diabetic education, radiology testing, and debridement to address total patient health. In addition, we provide negative pressure wound therapy (wound vac) for patients with certain types of wounds.


wound care nurse

The Wound Care Center provides the following services:

  • Improved treatment for patients with wounds, providing optimal quality and state-of-the-art wound healing
  • An outpatient environment in which the rights, dignity and confidentiality of all patients are respected
  • Wound Healing delivered with compassion and personal attention
  • Collaboration with other team members to provide coordinated care
  • High quality of care (monitored through continuous quality improvement studies)
  • A more efficient process for access referral and consultative wound healing
  • A multi-disciplinary team approach
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Your Treatment Program

Before beginning treatment, our staff will evaluate your wound and review both your medical history and general health. You may require specialized tests which provide vital information about the flow of blood and oxygen to your wound. You will be referred to your primary care provider for ordering of these tests. Once your test results are back, the Wound Healing team will develop a treatment program based upon your special needs. Your wound's healing progress will be evaluated at each follow-up visit.

Your program will include regular visits to our center for treatment. You and/or your caregiver will also be instructed in home wound care, including dressing (bandage) changes and ways to protect your wound from further injury.

A physicians order is needed prior to your first visit at the Wound Care Center. Please have your physician fax an order to 264-2380 or call us at 264-1583.

Physician Care

Since our Wound Care Center only treats wounds, you'll continue to consult your regular physician for all routine medical care. We'll keep your doctor updated as to your treatment program and its progress, and we will ask that you see your primary care physician at least once a month during the wound healing process. You should consider our wound healing center a special place, dedicated to solving a specific problem - healing your wound. Together you, your physician and our staff can offer hope for wounds that won't heal.


Many health insurance plans will pay for wound healing treatment. Your coverage will be based on your specific insurance plan. Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you when you visit us or contact your insurance company prior to your first visit.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the Wound Care Center, please call 264-1583.